Busta Rhymes Stars In 'Swagger Wagon,' A Terrible Commercial For Toyota's Minivan

Oh, Busta Rhymes, what have you done?

There are some truly awful commercials out there, but none of them are quite as horrendous as the newest commercial for the 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan -- not even the sum of that smug, know-it-all Flo. Somehow convincing themselves that is acceptable to dub their vehicle the "Swagger Wagon," Toyota's bloodlust only grew stronger, opting to promote the SwagWag through a three-minute rap video. The Neubert family raps about things that the ears dare not comprehend over a trap-styled beat, until Busta Rhymes comes in around 1:45.

Before you write-off Busta as a sell-out, have some faith. He's still throwing crazy shows with people climbing in through the roof, hanging off of rafters, as Busta repeatedly yells into the microphone, "OH SHIT! THERE'S A GUY ON THE ROOF!"

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