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Busy Entrepreneur? Extra Activities That Will Help You Relax And Recharge

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The typical life of a busy entrepreneur consists of long hours of work, meetings and more work. 50-hour weeks, late nights and an overflow of coffee are quite normal. Interestingly most entrepreneurs hardly feel the pinch. Although they get so absorbed in their work, they still enjoy every minute of it.

However, going through this rigorous routine of hustle and grind can start telling on you after a couple of weeks. At that point, burn out, stress and overwhelm start to kick in. Everything moves pretty fast while your body and mind start to slow down. That is a sign for you to take a break to avoid breaking down.

You see, entrepreneurs have unique qualities that make them work so hard, but you have to leave some work behind at times. What if you can arrive at a compromise? What if you could get time off to relax and still develop your entrepreneurial skills so that when you get back to work you'll be itching to do some work?

For you to enjoy proper relaxation you need to accept that:

1. Any amount of time you put into relaxation is a profitable investment. If you want to be the best in your work and you want your business to grow you need to ensure that you're in the right frame of mind and healthy enough yourself.

2. The best ideas come when you're relaxed and not stressed. Moments of fun and relaxation just may get the creative juices flowing. Successful businesses thrive on great ideas so some relaxation is what you need to get your business to the top!

3. You need the time to develop yourself. Spending hours working without fueling your brain will have a diminishing effect.

With that in mind, here are some ideas that will help you relax and develop yourself as you do so.

1. Break A Sweat

You hardly find a successful entrepreneur who does not exercise. Workouts form part of their non-negotiable routine. Exercise helps to ease stress by reducing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, tone your body and soothe your mind.

As a busy entrepreneur, even 20-30 minutes of exercise can do the trick to keep you nice and relaxed. This is because exercise takes your mind off thoughts that would get you tensed and also relax the parts of your body that are stiff as a result of that tension.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Even if you don't have time to go to the gym, short 20-minute walks also form adequate exercise. It might not feel like relaxation, but your body thinks it is.

Smart tip

Grab your earphones and listen to a podcast or an audio book as you work out. That way you develop your mind as you work on your body.

2. Lay back With Gadgets

I often advice those entrepreneurs who work with gadgets and computers all day, to find relaxation in nature, and anywhere away from the gadgets. As for the suitcase entrepreneur, and the traveler, I often advice a little indoor relaxation with your computer or phone when you find time.

The internet is teeming with software and apps that will help you wind down after a busy day at work, or simply to take a break when everything is whizzing past.

If you're more of the movie type, take time to watch videos from YouTube or films or TV shows from Netflix or Showbox. They not only give you time to relax, you get entertained too. If you are the sports geek, then spend that indoor time catching up on some sports. You can live-stream your favorite games on Android or iPhone and keep up with scores and stats as well...heck, you can even play games!

Who says you are too old for that?

Smart fact

Don't underestimate the simple stuff. Playing games helps to develop your cognitive ability, increase your drive to be successful and even make you smarter. Few things revive and rejuvenate the mind like Watching movies.

It can also inspire you and give you brand new ideas you can apply in your business. You never know when the next million dollar project idea can come from.

3. Embrace Adventure With Hiking or Climbing

Now if you are the perpetual gadget freak, this one is for you. There's nothing as relaxing as enjoying nature and appreciating its beauty. Hiking through the woods can be an exhilarating experience. Mountain Climbing often makes you see the world from a different light and height. It does wonders in refocusing and inspiring the mind.

The best part about it is that as you hike you're engaging in physical activity and getting relaxed at the same time. This was seen to have helped to improve productivity. In addition to that it helps to improve concentration and boost your self-esteem.

Smart tip

Use hiking breaks as a way to socialize with other entrepreneurs. Invite your entrepreneur buddies to go hiking together.