Busy Philipps Explains Why She's Marching For Her Daughters On Saturday

"Come join us"
01/20/2017 02:39pm ET
Robin Marchant via Getty Images
Busy Philipps announced on Instagram that she plans to march on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The Women’s March on Washington is expected to draw at least 200,000 participants, and more than 600 “sister marches” will take place in cities around the world.

On Thursday, Busy Philipps announced that she would be joining her fellow women and allies at the march in Los Angeles. The actress posted a photo of her daughters on Instagram with a powerful caption explaining her decision.

“I am marching for these little chickens, and all of their friends so that they know that we believe women’s rights are human rights,” she wrote. “That we will fight for parity. That their bodies belong to them. That we will not tolerate misogynistic behavior and language anywhere, but especially NOT in the highest office in our great country.”

Philipps and her husband, Marc Silverstein, have two daughters, 8-year-old Birdie and 3-year-old Cricket.

“I want my daughters to grow up in a country where they are valued and they know that anything is possible for them. One where they don’t live in fear,” she added. Philipps concluded that she would be marching in LA with friends and family and encouraged others to join or find marches in their areas as well.

“All are welcome!” she wrote.

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