But What If Your Wife Gets an Abortion in a Bank?

Pregnant women could be punished under the Utah abortion ban. Utah, where the most popular clothing store is "Maternity Gowns For the Mother of the Bride."
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Dear Huff Potables, this isn't an overarching abortion debate entry. The point, aside from the obvious, is the inequality of one specific legislative proposal, and the hubris and stupidity of Representative Paul Ray of Utah. Utah, where the most popular clothing store is "Maternity Gowns For the Mother of the Bride". And the hot club is "Topless Women - No Bonnets!"

Pregnant Women Could Be Punished Under Utah Abortion Ban Feb 02, 2007 by Julie Rose

(KCPW News) A proposal to ban abortions in Utah might also carry with it a criminal penalty for women who get an abortion. Representative Paul Ray thinks it's not just the doctor who deserves to be punished in what he calls "killing babies." "It's a two-way street," says Ray. "The provider's not forcing the woman to do it - she's opting to go there and to pay for it." The question, then, is whether or not the man involved in a pregnancy should be punished for an abortion. The answer is less clear-cut for Ray:

"I don't know that you could criminally punish him because she got pregnant," says Ray. "It's like if my wife robs a bank, am I guilty because I married her? Absolutely not. So I think you have to look at the whole picture and not say just because she got pregnant, he's at fault."

Earth to Ray: If your penis was in your wife's vagina while she was robbing the bank, do you think you might be guilty then?

"If the man helps pay for the abortion or is clearly complicit", Ray admits, "perhaps he should be punished".

"..or is clearly complicit.." Ya mean, like, if she's pregnant?

And then, "PERHAPS"!! LOL!

Let's not be hasty. Ya don't wanna make any more mistakes, still trying to live down that leader mistaking a lake for the ocean thing. This genius legislation is brought to you by the
representative of the people who condone male senior citizens "marrying" several underage girls at a time, or as the outside heathens call it, polygamous child rape. And we get upset when someone wants to sacrifice a goat to his religion. If Scientology was doing this, they'd be busted and jailed before the Kool-Aid got warm, and Tom Cruise would be getting bar-mitzvah'd.

Before we destroyed Iraq, women were the most educated, free and accomplished in the muslim world. Now they can't leave the house, cannot work, and are stoned in public if not wearing a burkha, or pulled over and killed if caught driving. Our tax dollars went to allegedly bring freedom to HALF the population of Iraq. Instead of us exporting freedom to women, we seem to be importing their oppression to America. Courtesy, as always, of our elected representatives.

P.S. Five states, including Utah, are now considering similar bans. Ray says he expects that number to reach a dozen before the session ends. Let's hope he's as bad at math as he is at his real job, being a living link to the 12th century.

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