Butch Lesbians Have Trouble Finding Wedding Wear

Butch Lesbians Have Trouble Finding Wedding Wear

The possibility of same-sex marriage has created a serious sartorial problem for the "Ellens" of lesbian relationships: what to wear. The Washington Post talked to several ladies who would feel more comfortable in a tux than a gown...you know, if the tux actually fit.

Book editor Nancy Blaine explained, "I've been wearing men's business suits to work for 20 years, but I still don't put on a tie. That's the one step that would raise eyebrows just a little bit higher....[For my wedding, I want to be able to ask somebody. If I'm going to do it, I want to do it well."

Blaine should talk to Susan Herr of DapperQ.com, "a Web site targeted toward women who prefer to wear men's attire, inspired partly by memories of her own commitment-ceremony shopping experience several years ago." DapperQ has had 5,000 visits so far, but definitely has the potential to become a safe style space for suit-seeking women.

The Washington Post also suggests looking for separates and finding a good tailor.

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