A Night At Butt-Con, The Convention For Butt-Lovers

Don't be bummed if you missed it: Here are all the cheeky details.

Butts! They’re everywhere. Look behind you — you might have one too. And just when you thought there was already a convention for everything, Butt-Con backed its way into the party. Butt-Con 2019, which was held Wednesday on the fourth floor of a nondescript Manhattan office building, was organized by bidet company Tushy to celebrate its favorite ass-et.

The event celebrated any and all butt stuff — from health to sex to hygiene. There was a “belfie” (butt-selfie) booth, an “Anal Like A Porn Star” workshop, a twerking competition, and — as the evening’s grand finale — a cake sitting performance.

“I’m here because my butt is my career,” said cake sitter and cam girl Lindsay Dye, who popularized the sexual art form for her webcam audience. She baked a special butt-shaped cake for the event and lowered her butt onto it onstage while singing the Britney Spears ballad “Everytime.”

Lindsay Dye's cake sitting performance.
Lindsay Dye's cake sitting performance.
Credit: Tushy

Some attendees, like Maribel Montora, arrived with an open mind. “I’m 54, so I would like to learn [something new],” she said.

Others, like father-son duo Giacomo and Raphael Castoriano, bought tickets specifically to see Dye’s cake sitting performance. And people like Jancara Costello were there in full-on celebration: “Today’s my boyfriend’s birthday and he’s super obsessed with butts,” she said.

The night’s entertainment ranged from artistic to functional. Kim Worsham, billed as a “butt-washing specialist,” based her presentation on her career in the sanitation industry. “I know all about toilet culture. I know all about the history of toilets and the history of butt wiping,” she told HuffPost.

“I think everyone should own a bidet,” Worsham added. “I think that is the future of wiping everyone’s ass.”

Butt-Con also brought the anus to center-stage. “The anus, yes, can be taboo and kinky,” said sex expert Layla Martin. But she went on to say that the stigma around anal sex can inhibit sexual connection. “Actually, [the anus] opens from deep trust. And so anal sex can be such a deep portal to connection and intimacy and love between humans.”

When it came down to practical anal sex tips, adult entertainer Asa Akira didn’t hold back: “My really graphic tip would be to push out while they go in.”

Asa Akira, an adult performer, and cosmetic surgeon Rita Linkner at a workshop called "The Obsession With The Ass."
Asa Akira, an adult performer, and cosmetic surgeon Rita Linkner at a workshop called "The Obsession With The Ass."
Credit: Tushy

For some, the evening represented more than just a chance to showcase their knowledge or craft. Before her cake sitting performance, Dye took a moment to think about the event’s crowd, those who gathered to celebrate the butt in its various forms. “It makes these jobs that all these people have — porn, sex work, even [working at] a bidet company,” she said. “All this ass talk; it’s all real and human. And it feels really good. This legitimizes it for me.”

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