Are Butt Masks Worth It? A Dermatologist Weighs In.

Megababe's clarifying butt mask, which contains exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients, received high praise from a skin care expert.
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We spend so much time sitting on them that we often neglect pampering them the same way we do the rest of our body. They’re there for us whether we’re sitting on the toilet, at our desks or lounging poolside. We’re talking about butts. When is the last time you gave yours some quality TLC?

Over the past few years, there’s been a rise in brands offering butt masks, showing us that skin care masks aren’t just for our faces anymore. But as with every skin care trend, the lingering question remains: Are butt masks actually worth the buy or just a rather unique gimmick?

To get to the bottom of whether butt masks are a necessary addition to your routine, we reached out to Dr. Lindsey Zubritksy, a Mississippi-based board-certified dermatologist.

What exactly are butt masks?

“Butt masks are exactly what they sound like: skin care masks for your buttocks. Similar to a face mask, these masks help to address any and all concerns involving skin of the buttocks,” Zubritsky said.

What are the benefits of butt masks?

These masks can brighten, moisturize, exfoliate and improve the tone and texture of the buttocks skin. This is especially important for those who suffer from certain skin conditions,” Zubritsky said.

For example, if you suffer from acne, folliculitis or keratosis pilaris, you’d benefit from a butt mask that properly exfoliates the skin. Some masks may contain ingredients like alpha or beta hydroxy acids which can address these concerns. And if your bum runs drier or your skin is dull, you’ll want to reach for a moisturizing butt mask.

What is the best butt mask to use?

Zubritsky said she loves Megababe’s Le Tush clarifying butt mask, which contains a blend of glycolic, malic and azelaic acid. She says these are incredibly effective ingredients at improving dark spots.

“It’s great for those who suffer from discoloration, hyperpigmentation or just want to brighten up their skin,” she said.

In addition to its exfoliating ingredients, Le Tush also contains botanical extracts and oils including kelp and eucalyptus to moisturize skin, resulting in smooth, soft skin. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances.

To start your journey to a smoother, softer tushy, all you have to do is apply the mask, leave it on for three minutes, massage it and rinse it off. And if you need a little more convincing to make the move on buying this super easy to use mask, check out the reviews below that mention it being a useful remedy for buttne and other skin conditions:

“I have hidradenitis suppurativa, which causes very painful and unsightly boils on my rear end. Ever since I started using Le Tush, I have not had any flare ups since. It’s a miracle product. AND it’s pretty long lasting. You don’t need a whole lot.” — Jenn M.

“My buttne would get so bad after working out, that I wanted to quit. What’s the point of a nice tush if you’re too embarrassed for anyone to see it? This mask is amazing, the only thing that’s ever helped and works so fast, I feel so much more confident :) My butt is clear and really smooth and soft” — Kelly

“This stuff is seriously amazing. I used it to buff out some rough skin on the backs of my arms, my booty and on some backne that has popped up after so many home workouts during a heatwave. My skin has calmed, smoothed and the breakouts are already starting to dissipate. It has exceeded my expectations! Yay for a decently priced product that works!” — Chelsea

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