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Butt Sketcher Krandel Newton Has A Rear End-Drawing Corporation

He might have the sketchiest job of all time.

If you commission Krandel Lee Newton to draw your caricature, you'll find that be focuses more on your wobbly bits in the rear rather than your pretty face.

Don't be deterred -- he's the Original Butt Sketcher.

Newton, 53, has made quite a name for himself asking his subjects to turn around while he draws them, and in the past 20 years he's turned his odd shtick into an all-out art form, according to the Washington Post.

Newton's final product is his saving grace. Fans say his black and white renderings -- usually with no faces, only fully clothed butts, bodies and hair -- make them look good.

"I'm accused of being flattering," Newton told a writer from Squidoo. "I go to great lengths to make sure this is not sexist."

That said, Newton doesn't hide the fact that he enjoys a good set of tail feathers. He's drawn more than 400,000 of them since his first drawing in 1987, he estimates. Each is drawn with charcoal pencil in an average of three minutes.

Now his Original Butt Sketch business is incorporated, and he's drawn the cheeks of celebrities such as Alex Trebek, Bill Gates and John Goodman. While based in Dallas, he's now on a world tour, and he's become so famous famous for behinds that aspiring butt models call him for parties.

He even had to sue a man once, the Washington Post reported.

"He started doing this and calling his business 'Fanny Sketch' -- we settled out of court in terms favorable to me," Newton said, noting that the other scorned artist is "not even looking at [butts] anymore."

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