Butt Slapping: New, Nonexistent 'Trend' In Schools Makes Everybody Nobody Panic

Recently, a few 8th grade boys threatened to slap a girl's butt at a Florida middle school.

The victim's enraged mother, Land O'Lakes resident Tonya Thompson, heard that this sort of clownishness happens in other school districts.

Everybody panic, because those two facts are the basis of a new "trend" that's dismantling our schools from the inside out: Butt slapping. That's right, kids across the United States of America are slapping each other's butts, and WTSP's interview with Thompson proves it.

"I never heard of it until it happened to my daughter. I was very shocked," Thompson said.

Officials in the Pasco County School system hadn't heard of a butt slapping epidemic, even though it's happening right behind their backsides. But not only had Thompson heard of it, WTSP reporters got to the bottom of the situation and interviewed the alleged offenders.

"We spoke to some students just a little while ago who said they witnessed it," reporter Jennifer Titus states (video above). "They witnessed it taking place as far back as two years ago. They said it normally happens on Fridays."

OK, none of these facts actually prove a nationwide trend in butt slapping. Not even YouTube searches -- usually a hot bed for the ridiculous trends kids get into -- revealed any meaningful evidence that "butt slapping" is anything more than one isolated incident of, well, butt slapping.

Sexual harassment is never funny. But there's not enough evidence to show that butt slapping is something parents should be worried about. YET.



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