How To Get A Morning Workout Without Ever Leaving Your Bed

Go ahead -- stay in bed a little longer.

It can be hard to fit a workout into your busy life.

But no matter your schedule, you can still fit in a great workout first thing in the morning -- without ever leaving your bed.

For the record, morning workouts are awesome -- they stave off cravings, ramp up your energy and metabolism, jump-start your brain and free up your day for other activities. That's why we're totally into this new 4-move workout from Cosmopolitan (check out the video above), built by NYC-based Bari trainer AJ Blankenship.

We asked Blankenship to break down the moves for us:

1. Donkey Kick with Crossover.

"Begin on your hands and knees and focus on drawing your belly button into engage your abs," Blankenship told HuffPost. "While keeping your knee at a 90 degree angle, lift your leg back behind you. Imagine pressing the ceiling away with a flat foot. Lower your leg on a diagonal and cross the knee over the bottom leg. Lift the leg back up and then return it to the starting position on all fours."

2. Single-Leg Bridge With Leg Dip

"Begin by lying on your back with one foot planted into the mattress and the other leg reaching up toward the ceiling," Blankenship said. "Press down through your foot and squeeze your glutes to lift your hips up as high as you can. While keeping the hips lifted, dip the top leg down to connect the legs knee-to-knee. Lift the leg back up to the top and give your glutes an extra squeeze. Gently lower your hips down to the mattress."

3. Kneeling Lunge With Leg Extension

"Begin in a kneeling position with your ankles, knees, and hips at 90-degree angles," Blankenship said. "Lean forward to gently touch your fingertips to a pillow placed in front of you. Press all of your weight into your front foot and extend your back leg behind you to find yourself in a flat-back position. Create a straight line from the crown of your head through to the back heel. Keep the supporting knee bent and only use your fingertips for balance. Gently lower down into the starting position."

4. Kneeling Lateral Lunge With Diagonal Leg Extension

"Begin in a kneeling position with your front leg placed on the diagonal. Shift your way into the front leg and engage your glute," Blankenship said. "Shift your weight back and place your hands on the mattress to find yourself supporting your body on two hands and one knee and continue to extend your leg on the high back diagonal. Imagine pressing a heavy object away with your heel. Keep your belly button drawn in the entire time and be careful to not let your lower back arch. Plan your foot back down onto the mattress and pick your chest up to return to the starting position."

Who says you shouldn't kick start your day by getting out of bed butt-first?

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