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The Easy Way To Make The Butter Mints Of Your Childhood

Even better than the ones at grandma's house.

The best part of going out to eat as a kid was the bowl of multi-colored mints that were so often offered walking out the door at the end of the meal. These mints were sweet, just a tad minty and seemed to melt in your mouth. Folks, we're talking about butter mints.

Butter mints aren't as prominent at restaurants these days as they were a couple decades ago, but they are still around. And they can still be a part of your life. You can buy them -- seriously, they exist outside of casual restaurants and old ladies' candy bowls -- or you can make them.

We suggest you make them like Food Blogger Averie Cooks did.

With just five ingredients, you can relive your childhood joy and put out your own candy bowl filled with these bite-sized morsels of happiness -- even if you're not a senior citizen. Get the recipe and make dreams come true.

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