10 Reasons Butter Is Far Superior To Olive Oil

Sorry, but someone had to say it.

We owe many of our greatest dishes to butter and olive oil. They are two of the best ingredients in the kitchen, no question. (And the only ones we would happily get fat for.) Without the use of butter or olive oil, our dishes -- and lives -- would seriously suffer. Could you imagine a summer without olive-oil rich pesto? Or a winter without a piece of buttered bread to accompany a hearty bowl of soup? It would be a sad world to live in, that's for sure.

We love olive oil in all its grassy and fruity ways. Its ability to make a salad sing is unprecedented. And we adore what it does to a boring bowl of soup. Sometimes, we even pour a little in a spoon for an unadulterated taste.

With that said, if we had to pick between olive oil and butter, we would pick butter every time. No second thoughts. No looking back.

When olive oil burns, butter browns. Where olive oil leaves a greasy pool behind in a bowl of pasta, butter beautifully coats each strand of fettuccine. While there is a time and a place for olive oil, no doubt, in the grand scheme of things, butter is top dawg.

We're sure plenty of you olive oil fanatics might think we're nuts. You might come at us with health claims of why olive oil is superior. Or you might point a finger to the fine culinary gods of Greece and Italy. To you, we would like to say: we are not discussing health. Also, CROISSANTS.

Read on, and you'll see what we mean.

When you cook butter on high, it browns into something beautiful
Flickr: joyosity
Our world is a better place because of brown butter. But if you tried to do the same thing with olive oil, it would just burn. And nothing good can come out of burned oil.
Only butter can bring eggs to their proper glory
Flickr: Raymond Bryson
When you cook eggs in olive oil, they're good. But when cooked in butter, eggs taste like the only breakfast you want to eat for the rest of your life.
Butter and sugar are the best of friends
Flickr: grongar
When you cream them together they give us cakes, cookies, brownies, pie and so much more. You can't cream olive oil and sugar together with the same results, can you?
Deep-fried butter is one of the greatest fair foods. Deep-fried olive oil is impossible and will never exist
Flickr: Bob B. Brown
While we're not publicly condoning this fair food, we're still impressed that it exists.
No one ever wanted to put a drizzle of olive oil on their pancakes
Flickr: Tavallai
But a pat of butter, that'll make any stack of pancakes shine.
How many times have you wanted to put olive oil on your popcorn?
Flickr: mamaloco
Zero? That's what we thought. (Unless you're a weirdo health nut that is.)
You can easily make your own butter
Flickr: cookipediachef
You just need heavy cream and a mixer. And you should try it -- it makes butter like you've never tasted before. We'd like to see you try to make olive oil.
Butter means better sauces
Flickr: cyclonebill
Think béchamel, hollandaise and beurre blanc.
We have butter to thank for the wonderful world of croissants
Flickr: stu_spivack
Olive oil is seriously lacking when it comes to pastry making.
There's a reason olive oil doesn't get its own reserved dish
Flickr: Hintonshome.com
Because it's just not as special. Sorry.

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