This Is The Claymation Rap Video You Never Knew You Needed

This Is The Claymation Rap Video You Never Knew You Needed

We never thought we'd find ourselves obsessively hitting replay while a blinged out banana raps about the good life. But here we are, eyes glued to a little gem called "Butter Ya'Self."


The epic claymation-enhanced video above combines the musical stylings of Nana Splits, a banana, and ButterKrust, a bun with a striking vocal resemblance to Nicki Minaj. Nana has expensive tastes and a knack for food-centric word play, dropping delicious lines like, "Sorry, honeydew, but you know I can't elope." As far as store-bought goods go, he's a star.

The ripe parody comes courtesy of Julian Petschek, a student at The California Institute of the Arts. Katrina Recto plays the sassy carbohydrate, Jacob Gibson the potassium-filled protagonist and DJ Petroleum Jelly the melodious butter stick by the name of Sweet Cream.

After the video above, you'll empathize with the plight of a baller banana in ways you never imagined. Get ready for some weed smoking, kicks wearing, fast talking produce. "We on a roll. Bitch, I am a roll. Getting hot and heavy in the oven like a casserole. Making bread. Shit, I'm made of bread. And these fruits and veggies all faker than Potato Head."

Widescreen and turn it up.



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