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This Is The Claymation Rap Video You Never Knew You Needed

We never thought we'd find ourselves obsessively hitting replay while a blinged out banana raps about the good life. But here we are, eyes glued to a little gem called "Butter Ya'Self."


The epic claymation-enhanced video above combines the musical stylings of Nana Splits, a banana, and ButterKrust, a bun with a striking vocal resemblance to Nicki Minaj. Nana has expensive tastes and a knack for food-centric word play, dropping delicious lines like, "Sorry, honeydew, but you know I can't elope." As far as store-bought goods go, he's a star.

The ripe parody comes courtesy of Julian Petschek, a student at The California Institute of the Arts. Katrina Recto plays the sassy carbohydrate, Jacob Gibson the potassium-filled protagonist and DJ Petroleum Jelly the melodious butter stick by the name of Sweet Cream.

After the video above, you'll empathize with the plight of a baller banana in ways you never imagined. Get ready for some weed smoking, kicks wearing, fast talking produce. "We on a roll. Bitch, I am a roll. Getting hot and heavy in the oven like a casserole. Making bread. Shit, I'm made of bread. And these fruits and veggies all faker than Potato Head."

Widescreen and turn it up.



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