These Golden Snitch-Topped Butterbeer Donuts Are What Potterhead Dreams Are Made Of

Sugar Shack Donuts is selling this "Harry Potter"-inspired creation for a limited time only.

Accio, donut! We want/need this sweet treat right now.

Potterheads are going batty over Sugar Shack Donuts’ new limited edition Butterbeer donuts, which are topped with an edible Golden Snitch featuring fondant wings. The donut chain said it will be selling the magical treat at its 12 locations in Virginia, Florida and Washington D.C., during the month of October.

According to Spoon University, only a couple of outlets were currently selling the donut, but all of the stores were expected to be stocked with the Harry Potter-inspired treat by this weekend.

Sugar Shack recommended that customers call their local shop to preorder the Butterbeer confection, saying on Facebook that they “fully expect to have more demand than supply.”

The donut shop also urged customers to bring in a “wand” to get a treat on the house.

“Bring in your wand and perform a spell, and we’ll give you a free house donut,” the shop wrote on Facebook.

“Real wands only,” Sugar Shack warned. “No pencils or sticks from outside.”

If you don’t happen to live near a Sugar Shack location and can’t fly by broom or travel by Floo powder, don’t fret. Food blog Gringalicious has a recipe for meringue-frosted Butterbeer baked donuts that you can attempt at home. Or go the classic route and whip up a frosty cup of the sweet beverage:

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