Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup To Debut In 2014

Nestle is coming for you.

Nestlé is debuting a new candy bar in 2014: the Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup. And make no mistake -- this is Nestlé 's declaration of war on Reese's.


"America's candy industry has had one giant brand in the peanut butter category -- but not anymore," a Nestlé spokesman told Confectionary News.

Reese's is one of the top-selling candies in the country, so Nestlé is readying for a hard fight. It's pulling out the big guns -- there will be an ad for the new candy during the second half of the Super Bowl in 2014.

While it's too early for a taste test since the bar is not yet out, Nestlé has revealed its slogan: "The cup just got crunchy."

"This is going to be a clash of the titans," remarks Good Morning America.

Let's just hope both teams are ready for battle. We'll bring the milk.

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