The New York Post Is Still Very Thankful For Mark Sanchez's 'Buttfumble'

Thanksgiving traditions: Turkey, family and "the buttfumble."

Mark Sanchez isn't New York's problem any more. But that doesn't mean the New York Post isn't still a problem for him. With the former Jets quarterback set to start for the Philadelphia Eagles on Thanksgiving, the newspaper splashed him across its back page to mock one of his most embarrassing holiday moments with its "Call Of Booty" headline.

buttfumble joke

Sanchez's roller coaster five-season stint with the Jets may best -- and unfairly -- be remembered for one unfortunate turnover against the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving in 2012. With the Jets already trailing their rivals, Sanchez lost the ball after running directly into the ample backside of a teammate, offensive lineman Brandon Moore.

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Two seasons later, Sanchez will be starting again on Thanksgiving, this time for the Philadelphia Eagles. The No. 5 overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft joined the Eagles to back up starter Nick Foles before the 2014 season. He was thrust into the starting role after Foles suffered a broken collarbone on Nov. 2 against the Houston Texans.

"I can go over there right now and tease Mark about the buttfumble, and he'd laugh about it," Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin told Bart Hubbuch of the Post before Sanchez's first start of the 2014 season. "He's fit right in here."

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