10 Businesses to #BuyFromImmigrants While Holiday Shopping

With the resignation of DACA, the decision to terminate TPS for Central American and Caribbean status holders, and multiple attempts of a national Muslim Ban, immigrant communities in the U.S. are under attack. In addition to protesting, calling your representatives, and donating to pro-immigrant organizations, you can also support the immigrant community while holiday gift shopping. By choosing to #BuyFromImmigrants, not only would you be supporting a small, family-run business, you would be contributing to the greater success of the immigrant community. As sales from Black Friday, #ShopSmall, and Cyber Monday are still going on, make sure to hit up these 10 business for your holiday gift shopping: 

TW Home Essentials

Jamaican-born Terri Walker is now owner of the thriving TW Home Essentials candle company. Her all-natural soy candles will bring you right home, with scents such as “Journey to Africa” and “Jamaica MI Crazy.” Make sure to include one of TW Home Essential’s products in mom or grandma’s stocking. They deserve it! Shop here.


Nigerian-born engineering student and fashion designer, Toyosi, launched Shusi in hopes to bring “African inspired designs to the forefront.” Her designs have been shown on Austin’s Black Homecoming Week and Fest Africa. Fashionable clothes, affordable prices, all while supporting an immigrant-owned and student-run business? Yes please! Shop here.

Vita Shoes

College student and Nigerian immigrant, Daniel Abaraoha is committed to serving the immigrant community through his business: Vita Shoes Company. Vita Shoes donates a portion of proceeds to art workshops in Casa Libre, a homeless shelter for undocumented immigrants. Got a family member that needs new fly kicks in their life? Looking for something eco-friendly AND affordable? Then Vita Shoes Co. is for you. Shop here.

Reina Rebelde

Mexican-born Regina Merson owns her own makeup line geared towards Latinx women. With lip colors “Maliche,” “Atrevida” and “Xicana,” who wouldn’t want a gift from Merson’s “Reina Rebelde” make-up line? Shop here.

1950 Collective

Nishiki Maredia is a college student, a daughter of immigrants, and the owner of a successful social justice and lifestyle apparel brand: the 1950 Collective. The 1950 Collective donates a portion of profits to social justice organizations, from Black Lives Matter to National Center for Transgender Equality. You can buy your friend a One Direction shirt while supporting awesome philanthropies! Shop here. 

Azeemi Style

Wazhma and Arzoo, the Azeemi sisters, were both just children when their family had to flee the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now living in the U.S., they run their own fashion line. Their designs showcase their traditional Afghan background with a modern twist. These beautiful handbags and fashion dresses belong wrapped up under the Christmas tree! Shop here.

Hija De Tu Madre

Daughter of Mexican immigrants, Patty Delgado, began her own business “Hija de tu Madre” to showcase her Latinx identity through apparel and accessories. Whether it’s a jean jacket featuring the Virgen the Guadalupe, or one of her watermelon purses, a product from Hija de tu Madre is the perfect gift for the Latinx women in your life! Shop here.

Alikay Naturals

As a young girl from the Caribbean, beauty influencer and Youtuber Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell began to use natural ingredients for her coiled hair and skincare needs. Her shampoos, detanglers, and hair moisturizers have hit CVS, Target, and Rite Aid shelves. Organic materials, quality ingredients, and a black-owned business: what else do you need for a perfect Christmas gift? Shop here.


“As a proud masi and fui, it's always bummed me out to have to buy my nieces and nephews tees that proclaim ‘my aunt...’ sure the sentiment's there, but it's not the same and it's not who I am to them,” says Indian-American and ‘AATMAJ’ owner, Mona. Mona created her small shop on Etsy to cater to diverse, South-Asian families across the country. Buy a tee for your favorite mota bhai or moti bhen! Shop here.

Nando’s Honey

Family-owned “Nando’s Honey” brings South Coastal Texas 100% raw honey right to your doorstep. Check out their honey sweet candy, honey candles, honey natural soaps, and of course- their honey! Give a sweet treat to a sweet friend this holiday season and support this immigrant family! Shop here.

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