Buying an Electric Skateboard? 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Buying an Electric Skateboard? 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid
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Electric skateboards can be one of the coolest things to have. Before you decide on one, however, here are 10 common mistakes to avoid when searching for the best electric skateboard:

Too big and heavy: Two of the important things to consider before buying an electric skateboard are its weight and length. A big and heavy electric skateboard would definitely end up being an annoyance. It is better not to invest in an electric skateboard that is too heavy and big in size, as it can become less portable. This model is an excellent choice for a perfectly-sized skateboard: Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard Galaxy. It is a 22" electric skateboard that weighs 4 pounds and is suitable to be carried around, even in public transports.

Low capacity: The capacity of an electric skateboard is the amount of weight an electric skateboard can support. Which is also something that we overlook when buying an electric skateboard. If you happen to be a person on the heavy side, make sure to buy the electric skateboard that can carry your weight. Here's one that would be just right: Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 Cruiser Electric Skateboard. It is a strong electric skateboard that can support heavy weights and run at a good speed at the same time.

Under-powered: A very important aspect to consider prior to buying an electric skateboard is its power to run. A well-powered electric skateboard would allow you to reach your destination sooner. An under-powered electric skateboard would defiantly be a waste of money. Moreover, an electric skateboard is everything about speed. Hence, it is important to get your hands on a well-powered electric skateboard like this one: Boosted Dual 2000W Electric Skateboard. Investing in a 2000-watts power electric skateboard would certainly be worth the investment.

Cheap material: Avoid investing in some cheap plastic junk. An electric skateboard should be one that is durable and does not break or crack at the slightest knock. Although electric skateboards made from quality plastic are good, the best of them are actually the bamboo ones. Bamboo skateboards have very good flexibility and would not break easily. Many electric skateboards now are durable as they are made from bamboo instead of cheap plastic. One of them is this model: Quest Cruiser Artisan Longboard Skateboard. This bamboo electric skateboard is very flexible and can withstand knocks, bumps and heavy weights.

Wheels not durable: Besides a durable board, durable wheels are equally important as well. In addition, good wheels provide a smooth and stable ride. Many people end up paying a great deal of money on electric skateboards only to end up with broken wheels after a few rides. An electric skateboard with wheels made from urethane has the potential of lasting longer, like this one: The Boss Board - Complete 22" Vintage Skateboard. The wheels on this electric skateboard are solid and will be able to last for a good period of time.

Wheels too small: Besides having durable wheels, it is equally important to get the right sized wheels on your electric skateboard. Having wheels that are too small will not give you the liberty of using it on many terrains. Big wheels also promote a smooth and stable ride. This electric skateboard comes with nice big wheels: Munkyboards SK-1200BLQ. The wheels on this electric skateboard are made from rubber which can be used on any type of terrain. Moreover, the rubber used on this wheels are capable of withstanding heat from the surface of the ground as well.

Inconvenient control method: An inconvenient way of controlling your electric skateboard leads to frustration, especially if you happen to be riding on busy streets. One of the best ways of controlling an electric skateboard is with a hand-held remote control. A hand-held remote control allows easy navigation. This model is excellent and it comes with a remote control too: Airwheel-Longboard Skateboard Controlled Connection. Besides a remote control, the electric skateboard also supports Bluetooth connection.

Too noisy: If you are going to use the electric skateboard for commuting, especially in many public areas, you would not want an electric skateboard that is too loud. A quiet electric skateboard One of the fairly quiet electric skateboards in the market today is this model: Altered Electric Skateboard Wireless Controller. This model comes with a quiet belting system that promotes a smooth ride.

No warranty: A good warranty period is important when you buy an electric skateboard. You never know when your electric skateboard might stop working and you would definitely need a replacement. Generally electric skateboards come with a six months to one year warranty. One of the many electric skateboards that come with a good warranty period is this model: Maverix USA Border Skateboard 42 Inch. This electric skateboard comes with a 1 year warranty for the whole skateboard, from head to toe.

No support: When you purchase an electric skateboard make it a point to ask the particular seller about their after-sale services. You will need to contact them in case the particular electric skateboard fails to run or keep up to its standards. When you are at this point, you would certainly not want to talk to an operator machine. One of the electric skateboards that come with excellent after-sale support is this one: Rockboard Descender All Terrain Skateboard.

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