'Buying Naked' Explores The Specialized World Of Real Estate In A Nudist Colony (VIDEO)

'Buying Naked' Explores World Of Nudist Colony Real Estate

Real estate agent Jackie Youngblood has developed a rather unusual specialty -- unusual enough to earn her a special on TLC. "Buying Naked" follows Youngblood as she works selling homes to nudists in a community just north of Tampa, Florida. While the show was educational, it didn't stay above making the easy jokes.

“The nudist community’s just like any other community. Except, we’re nude," Jackie explained. We have electricians come in, we have the pizza guy coming in.” And apparently it can be quite a surprise for these people. A delivery man was certainly surprised when he walked in to deliver a package. "I was expecting to just walk in, drop the package off, but there’s more than one package in that house," he said.

The show did help explain some of the lifestyle tips nudists live by -- most have to do with protecting your most personal area. Some of these are to wear dark sunglasses if you can't control your glances, greet with a handshake as hugs can be awkward, get kitchen counters taller than your private parts, and always always always put a towel down before you sit.

Entertainment Weekly's Jake Perlman pointed out that most of the "nudist rules" are more common sense than helpful hints -- and honestly, it could all be avoided if they would put on some pants. As with most TLC specials, though, there could be a lot more nudity on the way if this special is a hit.

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