Buyology Inc. Report Shows What Brands Democrats, Republicans Prefer

You Might Be A Democrat If...

Your choice for a daily caffeine fix could be correlated with your political leanings, a recent report from Buyology Inc. suggested.

Republicans ranked Dunkin' Donuts as their "most desired coffee shop," the study of 4,000 Americans' neurological reactions to various brands showed. Democrats chose Starbucks as their favorite chain for a cup of coffee.

According to the report, there was a fair amount of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats on a number of companies.

On fast food restaurant preferences, Democrats said Wendy's while Republicans said Subway. On cars? Democrats went for Jeep, while Republicans sprung for BMW. Democrats and Republicans couldn't find agreement on professional sports either, with left-leaning respondents picking the National Football League and those on the right going for Major League Baseball. And HBO fans were more likely to be Democrats, according to the study, while Showtime followers more frequently identified as Republicans.

ABC News spoke with Buyology CEO Gary Singer, who attempted to explain the results using the example of the difference between two car insurance brands. According to Singer, Republicans' choice of Allstate as their preferred brand could have something to do with its ad slogan, "Mayhem is everywhere."

From ABC News:

The Republican Party uses a similar fear-based tactic, telling voters that four more years of President Obama would be a disaster for the country. Republicans may be attracted to Allstate because both the party and the product build off of a similar emotion, said Buyology CEO Gary Singer.

Democrats chose Progressive, perhaps not surprising considering the brand name.

There was some agreement between the two political groups, however. Respondents at both ends of the political spectrum agreed on Coca-Cola as their most desired beverage, Apple for technology company and Google for internet brand.

Check out Buyology for the entire breakdown.

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