Buzz Aldrin Dances With John Travolta, Shows Off Some Out-Of-This World Moves

"I thought I held my own."

When you've done the moon walk for real, the last thing you need is dancing lessons. But space legend Buzz Aldrin couldn't resist picking up a few pointers from actor John Travolta.

The two showed off their smooth moves at an event held Saturday night at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to celebrate the kickoff of the Apollo astronaut's ShareSpace Foundation, a charity aimed at boosting science literacy in kids by incorporating arts into science education.

"I thought I held my own," Aldrin wrote on a Facebook post. "What do you think?"

Speaking at the event, which was hosted by actor Seth Green, Travolta praised the Apollo astronaut.

"To be here at the Kennedy Space Center, under a Saturn V rocket with an American hero like Buzz Aldrin, it's just quite a privilege," Travolta said, according to Florida Today.

He added:

"To start a nonprofit is probably one of the most selfless things a person can do. There is no personal monetary gain from it, it's a lot of extra work and effort. It's not an easy task. But, yet, here's this legend who's doing just that."

Monday is the 46th anniversary of the lunar landing in which Neil Armstrong and Aldrin became the first and second humans, respectively, to set foot on the moon.

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