Buzz Aldrin Takes Amazing Photo At Stonehenge Wearing 'Get Your Ass To Mars' T-Shirt

Buzz Aldrin Tweets Epic Superman Photo From Stonehenge

Buzz Aldrin is making it no secret that he wants to see humans on Mars.

Today, the former NASA astronaut tweeted a photo of himself at Stonehenge, ripping open his hoodie like Superman to reveal a t-shirt with the following message: "Get your ass to Mars."

"While at @EH_Stonehenge yesterday I decided to send a message to the cosmos. #GYATM," he wrote in the tweet.

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buzz aldrin stonehenge

He hopes the U.S. will put humans on Mars by the 2030s, as he describes in his book "Mission To Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration," published in 2013.

"Do not put NASA astronauts on the moon," he wrote in the book. "They have other places to go."

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