Buzz Bissinger Slams Kardashians' 'Ridiculous' Issues With Caitlyn Jenner Profile

"I'm sorry Khloe's upset, but I don't get it."

Writer Buzz Bissinger told HuffPost Live on Tuesday that Kim and Khloe Kardashian  "completely miscast" his Vanity Fair profile of Caitlyn Jenner during a confrontation with their newly-out transgender stepparent in an episode of the E! docuseries "I Am Cait."

In an episode that aired last month, the Kardashian sisters shared tense conversations with Jenner about what they perceived to be slights against their mother Kris Jenner in the Vanity Fair feature. During an interview with HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd about the 25th anniversary of his book Friday Night Lights, Bissinger shared his take on the Kardashians' issues with the story.

"The concerns ... were completely ridiculous," Bissinger said. "They completely miscast [my story]. Kim attributed to the article something that actually Caitlyn said on Diane Sawyer, and the reason it bothers me is I was really, really careful in what I said."

Bissinger said he wasn't looking to rattle the Kardashian side of the family with what he wrote.

"I don't like for them to be upset. I've met Kim, and she actually is a very nice person. I was very careful in what I said and gave Kris Jenner a lot of space to articulate her feelings," Bissinger said. "And Caitlyn was not mean-spirited. Caitlyn told the truth. She just felt, as Bruce, that Kris didn't need her anymore, and anyone who saw the Kardashian show [knows] Bruce kind of floated into the netherworld."

In the Vanity Fair profile, Kris Jenner told Bissinger that when the couple met, Caitlyn admitted to taking hormones in the past, but "nobody mentioned a gender issue." Bissinger said on HuffPost Live that Kris's point is valid, and he thinks Caitlyn "soft-pedaled" her struggle with gender. But Bissinger still thinks the Kardashian sisters' assessment of his work was off the mark. 

"I'm sorry Khloe's upset, but I don't get it. I think it was frankly ridiculous and frankly done to try to boost the television show ratings, which I think they're not above," Bissinger said.

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