These 2-Minute Videos Celebrate Women's History Month In The Best Way Possible

Ever wonder what it would be like to interview the most powerful women in U.S. history? New York sketch group Buzz Off, Lucille did -- and we can't stop laughing.

The Buzz Off, Lucille video features Abby Holland, Caroline Martin, Jenn Roman, Ellena Chmielewski and Julie Rosing and brings us women's history like we've never seen it before. From a defiant Rosa Parks to shameless flirt Joan of Arc, the funny ladies of Buzz Off, Lucille hilariously bring your favorite influential women into 2014. The real star of the spot may be Eleanor Roosevelt, who insists on only speaking in her own platitudes throughout the two minute video.

While March reminds us to reflect earnestly on our shared "herstory" we are happy to make room for this refreshing -- and humorous -- celebration of Women's History Month.

Check out the rest of the "Women's History" series from Buzz Off, Lucille below.

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