Eighth Grader Makes Insane Buzzer Beater Shot To Win Championship

Cometh the hour...

Move over Kobe Bryant, there's a new star on the basketball scene.

As the clock ticked down during an Illinois middle school championship-deciding basketball game last Friday, eighth grade student Jack Hlavin stepped up like a true pro. 

Several videos posted online show the 13-year-old launching the ball from three quarters of the court away.

The buzzer begins to sound as the ball arcs through the air. It then swooshes through the hoop, just as the siren ends. The crowd erupts in a cheering frenzy.

The game between Western Springs' St. John of the Cross School, where Hlavin attends, and La Grange's St. Cletus took place at Immaculate Conception High School in Elmhurst.

It was tied at 28 before his astonishing shot.

Hlavin's insane effort not only meant his team won the game, but it also topped the Suburban Parish League championship, according to Chicagoist.

"I hoped I had enough time and I threw it in the direction of the basket," Hlavin told the Chicago Tribune. "Time expired while the ball went through the air and it banked in."

"Congratulations to our 8th grade boy's basketball team on defeating St. Cletus in the championship game," Hlavin's school posted on Facebook.

"Score was tied with 1.8 seconds left when Jack Hlavin made this amazing shot. Great season, boys! We are proud of all of you."


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