What It’s Really Like When You Don’t Love Your Body


Whether it's your height, your thighs, your weight or your scars, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have insecurities about the way she or he looks.

In a new video called "What It's Like To Not Love Your Body," BuzzFeed Yellow follows four people -- three women and one man -- through the daily ups and downs of hating and learning to love their bodies.

One of the women overhears two guys talking about how "girls with big arms like that kind of freak me out." She places her hands around her own strong arms and walks away, visibly upset.

In another scene, the man is struggling to reach for a box of Cheez-Its on a high shelf. Another dude comes up to him, grabs the box and says, "Here you go, little guy." Feeling dejected, he forces out a "Thank you" and walks away.

All of the characters in the video -- similar to women and men in real life -- have insecurities that they deal with every day. But, ultimately, with a little encouragement from the people around them, they each come to realize that there are things they appreciate (even love) about their bodies.

Sometimes, it just takes a little time to drink the body love Kool-Aid.

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