Buzzfeed's 'Men Explain Vaginas' Video Is Horrifying And Hysterical All At Once

Surprise, surprise -- men know nothing about the vagina.

While the vagina may be a bit confusing since it's not out there for constant observation, we're often disappointed by the blatant lack of knowledge about the very thing that brings humans into this world. In Buzzfeed's oxymoronically-titled video "Men Explain The Vagina,"guys are asked to explain the female anatomy using a medical model. Descriptions colorfully ranged from "a very complex organ" to the "inspiration for 'The Predator.'"

To clear up a few key points of contention in the video -- no, pee doesn't come out of the vagina or the anus and "doing the alphabet" to stimulate the clitoris is not "gimmicky" (as long as you practice). Since the disembodied plastic vagina looks nothing like any real woman's parts they might have encountered, we're willing to give these guys a little break. But whatever accounts for their underachievement, it's obvious that more than a few things need to be clarified.

While we think dudes could do better, we're glad men are the butt of this joke. (We feel a "no pun intended" is due here since men seem to confuse the butt and the vagina.)

Would you let a dude who thinks eggs come out of the vagina anywhere near yours? We certainly wouldn't.

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