Video Perfectly Shows What Happens When A Dog Owner Goes On A First Date

There's more than just doggy bags.

As all pet owners know, dating a dog owner basically means you're dating the dog as well.

A new installment of BuzzFeed's "Puppyhood" video series follows owner Max through his preparation and eventual first date with a woman he meets at a grocery store. Of course his precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog Chloe is right by his side, along for the entire ride. 

The short clip starts off with Max perusing the grocery store with Chloe, hidden in his jacket. Ultimately, Max's suspicious conversation with his "jacket" leads to an encounter with another shopper and some first date plans. 

While Max gets ready for the date, which involves a dinner at his residence, Chloe is subjected to pre-date preparations too, like a much-needed bath and listening to her human brainstorm conversation starters.

"That grocery store," Max says, thinking furiously of topics to talk about while his pooch listens, without giving feedback. "I go there all the time, I can't believe I haven't seen you!" 

During the actual date, Max and the woman end up talking about -- you guessed it -- Chloe. Because pets are really the perfect subject matter for any situation. 

Needless to say, the dinner goes pretty doggone well -- for the three of them. 

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