BuzzFeed Puts Unusual DIY Repurposing Ideas To The Test (VIDEO)

Like, how to open those annoying clamshell packages.

Have you come across some unusual cleaning and organizing tips that just seem hard to believe or too good to be true? You know the ones we mean -- like removing wood scratches with a walnut or using a dust pan to help you fill a bucket of water. Well, we have to admit you’re not the only one to question some of these repurposing ideas.

Buzzfeed produced the ultimate DIY video that puts many of these unbelievable life hacks to the the test and demonstrated how many are actually true -- except one. It seems like the trick that uses a can opener to unseal a clamshell package just... doesn’t... work. Grrr. We can attest to this, as we have tried this tip and failed, miserably.

Commenter Jack Slack suggested using a razor blade if you’re having this problem. Though, if you’re worried about your safety with that tip, GeekSugar recommends using a screwdriver (amongst other tools). And then of course, there are the countless YouTube videos, like this one from mlindholm, that will take you through the process, step by step. We just strongly recommend not using your teeth.

Watch the video above to see the savvy Awesome Solutions To Crappy Household Problems video. And click through our slideshow to see more incredible repurposing ideas.

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