And Now, The Buzziest Golden Globes Moments In GIFs

Meryl! Fallon! Barb! Oh, my!

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards (”the one where they drink”) aired Sunday night, declaring winners of “Moonlight,” “La La Land,” “The Crown,” and others. 

With a number of highs and lows, the evening witnessed a kiss between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield and Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet along with an awkward mix-up between the titles of two films (”Hidden Fences”). And President-elect Donald Trump proved he’ll be as inescapable in 2017 as the year before.

Below you’ll find a rundown of the night’s most GIFable moments.


The Globes kicked off with a “La La Land” spoof ...

That included a cameo by Barb from “Stranger Things” ...

And Jon Snow.

But then the teleprompter started acting up, allowing us to experience Jimmy Fallon’s bizarre Chris Rock impression.

Donald Glover and Tracee Ellis Ross used their acceptance speeches to give heartfelt shout-outs to people of color ...

And all the “colorful people” ...

While Questlove debuted a different look. 

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer showed off their “mother-daughter” chemistry ahead of their upcoming comedy ...

And a real-life mother-daughter duo was honored with a sweet video tribute.


Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell made for an unsurprisingly funny pair of presenters.

But Tom Hiddleston reminded us that not all acceptance speeches are graceful.

(They do, however, give us some nice reaction GIFs.)

Ryan Gosling’s tribute to Eva Mendes, his partner and the mother of his daughters, was pretty nice.

Viola Davis introduced honoree Meryl Streep with a story about apple pie and inspiration ... 

... Before Streep started in on a powerful political speech slamming Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

Meanwhile, “La La Land” was poised to sweep the awards categories in a record-breaking landslide.

Oh, and this happened.



Read the full list of winners and losers here.

(No, we’re not!)



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