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Bye-Bye Bland: 6 Recipes With A Chipotle Kick

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Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce are dried, smoked jalapeños in a tangy, slightly sweet tomato sauce. There are endless ways to enjoy them -- from Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas to Mashed Chipotle Cheddar Sweet Potatoes.


Crisp flour tortillas filled with gooey melted cheddar and shredded chicken in a smoky chipotle-tomato sauce -- these are the ultimate quesadillas. The recipe is adapted from the website of Curtis Stone, one of my favorite chefs and cookbook authors. GET THE RECIPE


This is one of those make-ahead, crowd-pleasing salads that everyone loves. In fact, one of my readers emailed me, "I'm having an affair with this salad. Please don't tell anyone." Serve it as a side dish or as a dip with tortilla chips. GET THE RECIPE


Flavored with smoky, spicy chipotle peppers and sharp cheddar cheese, these potatoes are more savory than sweet. They are comfort food defined. GET THE RECIPE


High heat roasting is my favorite way to cook broccoli. Here, the florets are tossed in a chipotle-honey butter before roasting. It's as delicious as it sounds -- addictive, even -- and the broccoli has enough flavor to carry an entire meal. Pair it with simply grilled salmon or steak and dinner is done! GET THE RECIPE


I love Chipotle's Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette so I came up with this copycat version by fiddling around with the ingredients listed on the Chipotle website. It tastes almost identical to the original and is easy to make at home. GET THE RECIPE


These outrageously good tacos star crispy beer-battered cod with a crunchy cabbage slaw and smoky chipotle sauce. GET THE RECIPE