Bye Bye, Brian: TVNewser Lays Down His Mighty Mouse

Bye Bye, Brian: TVNewser Lays Down His Mighty Mouse

YAY BRIAN.jpgWe've been so busy with Harry Potter that we failed to give due attention to news surrounding another Boy Wizard: TVNewser Brian Stelter has posted his final post, 15,470 entries in. It's the end of an era: How one 18-year old with a blog and an odd fascination with TV news became a linchpin of the very industry he covered, a player amongst the players in his own inimitable way. Now at 21, already something of a legend (see here and here and here and here) he has, amazingly, retained his humility as he moves on to his new gig at the New York Times:

Thanks to my colleagues for never-ending support; to each network rep who has handled my numerous requests, and to every tipster, insider and observer who helped shape the blog. In a very real way, TVNewser has been a priceless education in television and journalism -- TV 101 (and PR 101, for that matter). I still have a lot to learn.

Aw. Classy exit, Brian. It's not goodbye, but we'll still wish you good night and good luck — and maybe a wee bit of "Courage," because it is the NYT, after all. But otherwise, that's the (TV) news (er), and he is outta least until his NYT items start getting picked up on his old blog. He starts at the NYT on Monday, so, should be sometime next week.

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