Fly Through A Byzantine Church With Breathtaking Drone Footage

It's time for a virtual vacation.

In a new video captured entirely by drone, film company BigFly takes viewers inside a 19th century church, offering a sun-drenched perspective only the birds typically get.

BigFly filmmakers Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud filmed the exquisite interior of Saint Louis Church in Paimboeuf, France -- a historic 19th-century reconstruction of a Byzantine-era church.

As a Byzantine reconstruction, the church exhibits all the trappings of early Christian art and architecture, with its domed ceiling and icons of biblical figures.

Flying a drone indoors always entails a measure of risk, noted photography outlet Fstoppers. And within such a historic edifice, the project carried an added layer of stress.

"We had room to fly it, but I knew that it could go wrong at anytime," Juin told Fstoppers. "Just two seconds of distraction could lead to catastrophe."

Luckily the filmmakers surmounted the challenge without a hitch, and the result is breathtaking. We suggest watching with the sound on for a fully immersive experience.

Check out BigFly's "Byzantine" above.

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