C-SPAN Host Demonstrates How To Deal With A Racist Caller

Bill Scanlan didn't miss a beat with his response when a man's comments turned explicitly racist.

C-SPAN host Bill Scanlan had no time for a caller’s racist on-air sentiment.

A caller into Wednesday’s “Washington Journal” show berated the media and Black Lives Matter protesters and implied that white supporters of President Donald Trump work harder than other Americans. Just as the caller declared that “white people are going to wake up one of these days,” Scanlan calmly cut the call.

“I’m going to let you go there and go to Thomas,” Scanlan said, after hovering his hand over the kill switch as the caller attempted to make his point. 

Check out the clip here:

Video of Scanlan went viral in 2010 ― and earned derision from the then-host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart ― when he didn’t challenge a man who criticized the nonprofit cable network for taking too many calls from Black people

“I cannot believe this is just an accident,” said the caller. “If you keep on with the way you have been programming you should change your name from C-SPAN to BLACK-SPAN.”

Check out that clip here: