C-SPAN Caller: 'Do You Believe That Mitt Romney Has a Big Penis?' (VIDEO)

A C-SPAN caller asked one question about Mitt Romney that has not come up in the campaign thus far.

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Wayne MacDonald was taking calls about the state's primary on Tuesday. A caller named Dan prefaced his big question by saying that he used to be an assistant to the Portsmouth city manager, and knew what a big job setting up for the election was.

Then, Dan asked, "Mr. Chairman, do you believe Mitt Romney has a big penis?" The question left a stern-looking MacDonald expressionless. He didn't say a single word for a few seconds -- until he broke out in a smile and joked, "I wanna make sure I heard him right." MacDonald also failed to answer the question.

Watch his reaction in the clip above. (h/t Fishbowl DC)



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