Cab Driver Blames Speeding On Passengers' Farts


This excuse stinks.

When police officers in southern England stopped a taxi driver for speeding in Bournemouth on Friday night, he blamed it on his passengers’ flatulence.

Dorset Traffic Police posted details of the unidentified cabbie’s comical justification to Facebook, alongside the hashtag #NiceTryDidntWork.

It’s not clear how fast the cab was traveling when police stopped the driver. The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.

Police said in a later post that they had reported the driver for speeding and he would likely be made to attend a speeding awareness course, which costs around $135.

Alternatively he could take the three penalty points and £100 fine (around $125),” the department added. “His speed, along with the area he was speeding, was too much to use discretion.”

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