Cable Networks Snub Obama Climate Change Speech

Cable Networks Snub Obama's Major Climate Speech

Clearly, cable news is no place for a discussion about climate change. President Obama found that out the hard way on Tuesday.

Obama addressed a crowd at Georgetown University to announce a new climate change plan, which included changes to limit power plants' carbon dioxide emissions and increase renewable energy production.

All three cable networks turned to Obama's remarks but cut away from the speech well before it was intended to end. MSNBC cut away first, turning to correspondents to analyze the remarks even before they were over. Fox News cut away next, saying the remarks would be streamed online, and turned to a guest critical of climate change to weigh in on the president's announcement. Host Megyn Kelly wondered aloud whether the country even needed to tackle the issue.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer cut in soon after. After saying that Obama was making "a major, major address" about climate change, he proceeded to talk over the president's remarks.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on how all three cable networks were not carrying Obama's full announcement. The New York Times' Brian Stelter tweeted that viewers could watch Obama's climate change speech on one cable network that was airing the announcement in its entirety—The Weather Channel.

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