Cable News Is Just As White And Male As The Rest Of The Media

Why are we not surprised?

On Monday, Media Matters released a study which showed that, just like Sunday talk shows, and newspapers, and basically all of the journalism industry, primetime cable news shows are heavily weighted towards white men.

The liberal group looked at the guests on 13 cable news shows during the month of April. It found that, across the big three networks, 71 percent of guests were male and 79 percent white. MSNBC fared the best out of all three networks, but not by much. Piers Morgan's guests were 91 percent white. Greta Van Susteren's share of white male hosts was more than double that of their share of the national population.

Chris Hayes won the award for "most diverse show." His was the only program where white male guests were in the minority -- just as they are in real life.

See the full study here.



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