Cable News Ratings 2012: Top 30 Programs Of The Year (PHOTOS)

2012 is almost over, which means it's time to look at the year-end ratings for cable news shows.

Fox News is poised to be the most-watched cable news channel for the eleventh year in a row, according to preliminary Nielsen numbers. It also took the top eleven programs of the year, with "The O'Reilly Factor" leading the way.

MSNBC came in second place, with double-digit gains over 2011. The network touted an 18% increase during primetime as compared to last year, drawing an average of 913,000 total viewers. MSNBC celebrated huge victories in 2012: it was the most-watched channel on the first night and later, the entire week of the Democratic National Convention. The network was also buoyed by the election and before that, the Olympics.

Meanwhile, CNN came in third place for the third consecutive year. It was down 3% in total viewers during primetime, from 689,000 last year to 670,000. The network did, however, see signs of hope in the second half of the year. It notched a tight victory on election night and like the other networks, got a boost in ratings during campaign season.

Below, take a look at how your favorite shows did:

Year-End Cable News Ratings 2012