Cable News Ratings: Top 30 Programs For January 2011 (PHOTOS)

Beck Tumbles, Baier Rises: See Top 30 Cable News Shows In January

In a way, January's cable news ratings are no surprise: Fox News overwhelmed the competition, and MSNBC beat CNN. But there were some interesting tidbits to be found in the end-of-the-month rankings. For starters, Glenn Beck's spot on the list slid down for the second time in three months. Beck used to be assured the #3 slot. But in November, he was pushed to fourth, and in January, he fell further to #5, behind "Fox Report With Shepard Smith." Moreover, "Special Report With Bret Baier" seems to have secured the #2 spot, which used to belong to Sean Hannity.

How did all the individual shows do? Below, see the top 30 programs for January 2011.

17. Piers Morgan Tonight

Cable News Ratings January 2011

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