Cabrini-Green Demolition: Just One Building Remains (VIDEO)

For more than a year, the Cabrini-Green housing projects on the Near North Side have slowly been come down--and now, just one building remains.

The infamous projects became synonymous with crime and poverty over the years, and the high rises that once housed more than 15,000 low income residents are being replaced with condos.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the last of the Cabrini mid-rises were closed this week. Thirty nine families still live in the last high-rise, located at 1230 N. Burling. The Chicago Housing Authority told the paper that the building would close by Jan. 15.

The CHA told the Associated Press they have gradually been relocating residents as part of a sweeping "Plan for Transformation" and providing counseling and moving services for them.

As Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune reported in August, construction is stalled on many replacement homes for Cabrini residents in the neighborhood:

Many are afraid of the South and West sides, where many Cabrini exiles have landed and gang rivalries have flared.

"Sometimes you tell them you're from Cabrini," Dixon said, "and they say, 'What? We don't want you over here.'"

This spring, Ryan Flynn, who has been documenting Cabrini-Green's transformation on his blog, created a stop-motion video Cabrini's demolition. The video is made up of photographs taken from of November of 2009 up until the building's full demolition on Feb. 20.

Watch it here: