'Cadaver' Premiere: Tavi Gevinson Acts Alongside Kathy Bates And Christopher Lloyd In Animated Short (VIDEO)

Tavi Gevinson isn't just a style icon and a wise-beyond-her-years feminist; she can sing and act, too. The young multitasker stars in the 2-D animated short "Cadaver," alongside Christopher Lloyd and Kathy Bates. After months of waiting, we're thrilled to present the premiere of the highly anticipated film.

"Cadaver" tells the story of a dead older man who comes back to life to bid his wife a final farewell. According to director and writer Jonah Ansell, the film "began as a short, whimsical poem that I wrote to my kid sister the day she cut open her first dead body as a med student at Chicago’s Northwestern University." Gevinson scored the role of the med student because, as she told The Huffington Post, "We're like real-life friends because our families go to the same temple and have had like, Rosh Hashana together."

The seven minute film also features Gevinson's mellifluous voice; while we enjoyed her previous cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold," we are most excited about her rendition of the Pet Shop Boys' 1988 hit, "Heart," featured below.

See the "Cadaver" book trailer below:

For more wisdom from Tavi, check out our earlier interview with her here, and see some of Tavi's best looks in the slideshow below:

Tavi Gevinson