Cadbury Creme Egg Recipe Creations

Cadbury Egg Creations: Doughnuts, Shakes, S'mores And More

We see a lot of eggs come Easter time, but the egg that reigns supreme during this spring-time holiday is without question the Cadbury Creme Egg. Milk chocolate on the outside with a silky and creamy filling -- it tastes of perfection. The only problem with this sugar-laden chocolate egg is that they're only available this one time of year. (Where do these delightful treats go during summer, fall and winter?)

To make up for these gaps in Cadbury Creme Egg indulgence, it's important to get your fill of them when they are around -- which is right now. And the best way to do that, besides eating one right after another, is to incorporate them into your dishes and recipes. That's what we did at HuffPost Taste and the results were delicious. We made treats such as doughnuts stuffed with Cadbury Creme Eggs, s'mores with the egg in place of plain chocolate, and chocolate and creme egg-swirled milk shakes. Click through the slideshow below for the recipes and more inspiration.

Cadbury Egg Doughnuts

Cadbury Egg Creations

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