'Cafe Attitude' Is The Cafe Gratitude Slam We've All Been Waiting For (VIDEO)

Cafe Gratitude restaurants embody California at its crunchiest. Besides serving only organic, local and vegan food, it also lists all menu items as affirmations (so customers say things like "I am peace") and servers greet guests with the question of the day (i.e. "What is blessed about your life?")

Its spiritual-but-not-religious earnestness makes it ripe for parody, and delivered Tuesday with a spin on the restaurant called "Cafe Attitude." In the video, three hungry Angelenos make their way to Cafe Attitude excited to hear their question of the day and order "I am love." But things seem off when the waiter, holding a plate of fried chicken, rudely points them to a table. The menus, thrown carelessly on the table by the surly waiter, list the special of the day: "I am a dick."

Uh oh.

Watch out for bad boy chef Ludo Lefebvre's cameo (he's there to poke fun at Red Medicine, another controversial restaurant in Los Angeles).



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