Cafe Grumpy Serves $12 Cup Of Coffee

With a $12 cup of coffee, Cafe Grumpy may make its customers, well, grumpy.

But for those caffeine connoisseurs, the Greenpoint coffee joint has just what you're looking for.

Made from handpicked Ethiopian beans, the coffee costs so much due to the long development and processing time.

"There are flavors you would expect in a really nice glass of wine -- it's a cacophony of nuances," Steve Holt, vice president of Ninety Plus Coffee, the company distributing the beans, told the New York Post. "You detect flavors of apricot, pineapple, bergamot, kiwi and lime. The deeper tones are levels of chocolate, and the finish is super clean."

Still, at a price higher than most people's lunches, this cup of joe may turn out to be a hard sell.

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