Caffrey, 2-Legged Persian Cat, Recovers From Amputations (VIDEO)

When Caffrey, a yellow-eyed, grey Persian cat, was three, he was struck by a car and lost his left hind leg.

Caffrey underwent more than $4,000 worth of operations and managed just fine for the next ten years, according to the Daily Mail. Four months ago, things changed a malignant growth appeared on his left front leg, forcing doctors to amputate that limb as well.

This left Caffrey with two legs -- on the same side. But it hasn't stopped him.

His owner, Sue Greaves of Surrey, England, told the Daily Mail that she couldn't bear to put her pet down. Doctors had insisted that a second amputation would leave Caffrey unable to walk, but they went ahead with the operation -- which cost around $5,000 -- anyway.

Less than two months since his surgery, Caffrey appears to have mastered the two-legged lifestyle -- as documented in a YouTube video (above).

Last summer, in the midst of overwhelming Internet cat popularity, Anakin, another two-legged cat, gained attention when a video of him playing went viral. Unlike Caffrey, though, Anakin gets by with his two front legs, as his hind limbs never developed.

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