'Caged': Danger Wins His First Flyweight Title Fight, Then Faces A Tough Decision (VIDEO)

Cage fighter Matt "Danger" Schnell longs for the day when he can make a living as a pro fighter. On Monday night's episode of "Caged" (Mon., 11 p.m. EST on MTV) he came one step closer to that goal when he pulled out a big win to earn his first title and belt.

After he defeated Shane Bridges in the flyweight title fight, a delighted Danger told the crowd, "I want to do this for a living, and I'm gonna keep getting better. ... I trained hard every day. It's not an accident that I'm winning -- I trained hard."

However, after the title fight Danger had a big decision to make.

He had taken over running the Karate Mafia gym after the owner went to jail, but now it was too much for the young fighter to handle on top of all his other responsibilities. Would Danger decide to step down so he could concentrate on his own training?

"Caged" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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