'Caillou' Is Cancelled And Parents Are Thrilled

The character's famously whiny personality inspired one Twitter user to call him “the animated advertisement for birth control.”

PBS Kids announced Tuesday, on Twitter, that “Caillou” has been cancelled. The broadcaster also shared a helpful article with tips on how to break it to the kids.

While many kids will need some extra hugs to help them process this news ― remember how you felt watching the series finale of your favourite show? ― it looks like their grown-ups will be alright. Many are taking to social media to share their feelings. And it’s not all nice.

Alluding to Caillou’s famously whiny personality, one Twitter user described the eternal toddler as “the animated advertisement for birth control.”

Some saw the tot’s retirement as a sign from the universe that the dumpster-fire series of events from last year is finally over:

There was much virtual grinning ...

Rejoicing ...

And singing at the top of one’s lungs ...

Not to mention head scratching over how the show managed to stay on air for so long ...

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