Caitlyn Jenner Will Reportedly Attend Donald Trump's Inauguration

The reality star has said the president-elect "seems very much behind the LGBT community."

President-elect Donald Trump has struggled to land big names for his inauguration, but he can reportedly count on a leading reality star to be there.

Caitlyn Jenner has accepted an invitation to attend the Jan. 20 festivities, Us Weekly first reported Wednesday, citing a source. The news was widely reported elsewhere, and LGBTQ Nation said a source told them that Jenner was looking for someone to accompany her to the event.

Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist who chronicled her high-profile life as a transgender woman on the now-canceled E! docu-series “I Am Cait,” has expressed support for the president-elect.

On her show, the conservative Republican declared that she didn’t like Trump’s macho attitude, but “I think he would be very good for women’s issues.”

Jenner told the outlet STAT that Trump “seems very much behind the LGBT community” after he disagreed with North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ bathroom law (though he later walked back his criticism).

She has little time for Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton, who will also attend the inauguration, calling the Democratic presidential candidate a “fucking liar.”

Jenner’s publicist told The Huffington Post early Thursday he couldn’t confirm her attendance “at this time.”

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