Hey, Taylor Swift, Caitlyn Jenner Got A Call From Kanye Too

"He called me the other day ... and says he's doing this video."

Taylor Swift might not have thought she got fair warning about Kanye West’s “Famous,” but Caitlyn Jenner sure did. 

The former Olympian sat down with Bill Simmons for an interview on HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday” and opened up about her relationship with son-in-law West, and how the rapper wanted her in his “Famous” video.  

“Let me say this, Kanye and I get along very well. We have actually developed a really good relationship,” she said, and then went on to describe how West called her to ask her to appear in the music video for the now-notorious song.

The video was apparently edited after Jenner made her appearance and premiered two days later at the Staples Center. While she was not entirely sure what the final product would look like, she was happy to be included. 

“He’s great,” she said. “It’s stirring it up, getting the pot going, and he certainly did with that picture.” 



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